Banff Trip My name is Kim and I  grew up in the country on a beautiful lake, where there were more cottages than houses. The winters were quiet, great as an adult, not so fun as a teenager! My rural roots have led me to love all things outdoors and rustic and my east coast roots have my heart firmly planted near the ocean with no shortage of maritime music.

As newlyweds (such a funny term…), my husband and I moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia to small town Eastern Ontario. After a few years of small town life we struck out for Ottawa and adored life in that beautiful city. East coast roots run deep however and after 7 years in central Canada we were able to move back home with our daughter to Nova Scotia. Life is funny and my husband’s job has led us right back to where I grew up. Didn’t see that one coming!

I am also a certified teacher and happily cozy at home for the moment with our daughter Violet who just turned 4 and Flynn who just turned 1. He is definitely “all boy” compared to the delicate flower that is Violet! I love to create and I am constantly re-organizing and sorting and throwing things out to make room for a bit more pretty in our home. I love to bake, sew, craft & use power tools….all things that require more time than I can usually find while snuggling my baby who still does not sleep. We live in hope!blogheader.jpgunder the pine tree