DIY Floating Shelf

My daughter’s room was in desperate need of storage. We have recently painted it and in a weak, sleep-deprived moment I agreed to pink…she can thank her night-owl brother for that one! I am coming around to the crazy colours as we add in accessories, but the room still has a certain glow when you walk by it!

We had been thinking about shelf storage and my handy husband came up with these awesome floating shelves. They are super easy to make and very sturdy. I admit we were so happy they were finished, I didn’t take any during pics, but trust me when I say they are simple!DIY Floating Shelf ~ Under the Pine Tree Blog

First you cut a 2×8 (the dark pink part of the shelf) to the size you want the shelf to be. Ours is 30″ long, 7″ high, but any size works. The 2×8 is the board that we attached to the wall (super important to find the studs!). Paint it if you wish, attach to the wall with heavy screws. We added plugs over the holes where we screwed it onto the wall so the 2×8 could be painted.

Before screwing it to the wall, my dear husband made a box type shape that would fit over the 2×8. He used boards we had on hand that are pine. They are actually part of a shipping crate friends had their tv shipped in when they moved from Nevada back home! Our box is about 31 3/4″ x 8″. The box was secured with nails, then slides over the 2×8 on the wall. Using screws, he screwed the box onto the 2×8 so it will not slide off…and you are done!

Finally, attempt to make it stylish and pretty by setting only certain treasures on it. Then return 5 minutes later to find your adorable daughter has made it her own, ditched your treasures and replaced them with her own!DIY Floating Shelf ~ Under the Pine Tree Blog


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