Happy Heart Day!

Apparently my 4 year old has much higher expectations for Valentine’s Day. I have been asked numerous times this morning when we are going to decorate….I thought we already did! Violet had to give out about a dozen Valentine’s to her preschool friends this week. I prefer to find something that she can make all on her own. Last year we simply painted hearts on card stock and cut those out. This year I found this sweet little bookmark on Pinterest. I tried to find the original source, but it seems they have popped up everywhere so I am not sure who came up with the brilliant idea!

Very simple craft which is my requirement for Valentine’s…they are not mine to make! Violet loved using the hole punch and I helped with the ribbon at the top. She wrote her name on the back of each one and I helped add the ribbon. Skinnier ribbons would be much easier, but these are what I had in my ribbon box. Writing “Love Violet” on 14 bookmarks proved to be a bit much for one night, so there was a celebration when we reached the end. Happy Heart Day!

Heart Bookmarks

Heart Bookmarks


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