New Year, Sort-of-new blog?

So once upon a time I started a blog. Way back when my darling husband and I moved from the East Coast to big ‘ol Ontario for work. I filled it with crazy stories, photos of what we are up to, stories of things our chocolate lab ate…anything and everything to keep folks at home up to date on our life in central Canada. We bought our first adorable in our imagination  house in Ottawa and spent a year gutting and renovating it to within an inch of its life. I came to love power tools, and have a special place in my heart for reciprocating saws.

Then our sweet Lady Violet came along and we swooned over her delicate little being, and the fact that she could sleep through the use of the power tools we so loved. My silly blog became filled with photos of Lady Violet, videos of her staring at me…and more stories of things Boomer the insane Chocolate Lab ate. Did you know you can indeed eat 27 chocolate cupcakes and a box of granola from costco and still live to tell the tale? We are waiting for the day when Boomer offers to pay his own vet bills.

After about 7 years of live in Ontario and too many drives and flights east to count,  we were blessed with the opportunity to move home. We still cannot believe we are here. We love it every day, but miss the big city and our Ontario friends dearly. Blogging took a bit of a hiatus. Why would my Mom want to see photos of sweet Violet when she could see her in real life!?! My Mama is also crazy, she still reads my blog. (Thanks Mom!)

During my blogging vacation hiatus, Flynn arrived, finally. We were thrilled to move from a family of 3 to 4 and loved watching Violet  educate her brother on how things are done in our family. Boomer continues to eat things. He ate my birthday cake 2 weeks ago. True story. Anyway….last spring I was feeling a bit “blah” and started to blog again about life with a baby, a 4 year old and the things I loved doing….crafty goodness, house stuff and a bit of everything. 

After a few months, I co-blogged with a dear friend and a new blog was born. While it was oodles of fun, I decided for a few reasons to step back from this new venture and return to my little ‘ol Under the Pine Tree. I love blogging. I love to create and make things cozy. If you stopped by my house I would most certainly give you a cup of tea and show you the latest reno we have underway….because we are crazy and have a baby that doesn’t sleep…why not start tearing out walls?!

Thanks for taking a moment of your time to check out my tiny blog. Hopefully you will find something different, sweet or somewhat entertaining!



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