Monthly Archives: April 2012

It’s a Rainbow Cake!

Lady V turned 4 last week. I can hardly believe she is 4. Of course when we have a 30 minute debate over what to wear to preschool or she informs me she used to eat vegetables when she was little but not anymore, I am sure she is 4. I had a few cake ideas floating around but since Lady V draws rainbows constantly and has recently taken to using her fairy wand to create rainbows floating through our house, I knew this would be the cake for her! Continue reading


A Sweet Little Wedding Gift

A dear friend was married last August and I wanted to make her something special. She had a beautiful vintage wedding filled with adorable details and thoughtful words and music. Miss V was thrilled to bits to go to her first wedding, and at 3 and a half was convinced the bride was a fairy princess. She could hardly breathe when the bride knelt down to speak with her.

I had the best of intentions to have the gift ready for the wedding, or later that fall, or perhaps even Christmas. Continue reading