Pink Swirl Cake.

I love decorating cakes, I really don’t have any idea what I am doing, but I love it! My daughter has a peanut allergy so we do not purchase cakes in my family, ever. This means we have become a bit creative when it comes to birthdays. I also love homemade cake, so yummy and fresh and mmm mmm delicious.

My Mama’s 60th birthday was yesterday, wahoo! I had great intentions to start the cakes late last week, have my house cleaned and tidy, leaving Saturday morning and early afternoon for making buttercream frosting and icing the cake. Enter the almost 6 month old.
New plan.

After many sleepless nights last week due to a really nasty cold bothering the little man, Saturday was a bit of a crazy day. I actually didn’t start making the cakes until 10am Saturday morning, the frosting until way after lunch…sigh…it was one of those days!

This is the look I was going for: a beautiful pink ombre swirl cake from Glorious Treats .

I did not have time to make more than 2 cakes, or be terribly exact with my icing application. It was more of a race than anything else. My husband managed to disappear with the busy almost-4 year old, leaving me with the baby who thankfully napped. So, here is my first attempt at this beautiful cake design. I can’t wait to try it again when I have a few more hours to perfect it!

A quick photo before the party started. I would have liked the top layer of icing to be a bit more pink, but I knew in my rush I would add too much, so I went with the lighter pink.
The birthday girl.
The birthday candles are beeswax from The Garden Bee . I love them.

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