Perfect Little Craft Corner

My daughter is obsessed with all things crafty. There isn’t a package of glitter glue she has met that she hasn’t fallen in love with. In an attempt to keep the craft chaos confined to one corner of the house we decided to make her the perfect little craft corner. We knew it had to be good so that she would actually use it! She loves it and spends most of her play room time there. Here is a look at how we did it.

The table and chairs were a gift from Grandma and Grandpa. We love them because they are big enough to be comfy for big people too.

Her table is in a corner that is a bit dark, so we gave her a lamp with a cord switch. She loves being able to turn it on herself, serious business being crafty!

Art wall- eye hooks screwed into the wall with twine to make an art-line. We change it up every few days but some of the favourites stick around for a while.

Ikea goodies that I brought home from my last trip to Ottawa. I miss Ikea, sigh. Great for holding markers, pencil crayons, “snissors” & clothespins for the art wall. The wooden magazine boxes are also from IKEA, one holds construction paper, the other white paper.

I have a love for glass jars. These are perfect for holding beads, twine and taming the mass of pipe cleaners used for making bracelets. The wooden organizer is also from IKEA and filled with oodles of bobbles and bits for crafty creations.

And last but not least…the happy crafter. She is looking like a bit of a Sears model here, but insisted she needed to be in the photo. She’s a cutie 🙂


One thought on “Perfect Little Craft Corner

  1. Angie@Echoes of Laughter

    Hi Kim! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment on my blog! I love your little crafty corner…it is adorable! It's well thought out and has everything a little crafter needs! Your daughter is so sweet! My daughter used to love to craft, but she's 15 now and the crafting sessions have turned into hair and makeup sessions! lol!We used to live just outside of Wolfville, N.S. and moved here 7 years ago for hubby's job! We love it here, but home will always be home! Have a wonderful Saturday! Angie xo


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