DIY Floating Shelf

My daughter’s room was in desperate need of storage. We have recently painted it and in a weak, sleep-deprived moment I agreed to pink…she can thank her night-owl brother for that one! I am coming around to the crazy colours as we add in accessories, but the room still has a certain glow when you walk by it!

We had been thinking about shelf storage and my handy husband came up with these awesome floating shelves. They are super easy to make and very sturdy. I admit we were so happy they were finished, I didn’t take any during pics, but trust me when I say they are simple!DIY Floating Shelf ~ Under the Pine Tree Blog

First you cut a 2×8 (the dark pink part of the shelf) to the size you want the shelf to be. Ours is 30″ long, 7″ high, but any size works. The 2×8 is the board that we attached to the wall (super important to find the studs!). Paint it if you wish, attach to the wall with heavy screws. We added plugs over the holes where we screwed it onto the wall so the 2×8 could be painted.

Before screwing it to the wall, my dear husband made a box type shape that would fit over the 2×8. He used boards we had on hand that are pine. They are actually part of a shipping crate friends had their tv shipped in when they moved from Nevada back home! Our box is about 31 3/4″ x 8″. The box was secured with nails, then slides over the 2×8 on the wall. Using screws, he screwed the box onto the 2×8 so it will not slide off…and you are done!

Finally, attempt to make it stylish and pretty by setting only certain treasures on it. Then return 5 minutes later to find your adorable daughter has made it her own, ditched your treasures and replaced them with her own!DIY Floating Shelf ~ Under the Pine Tree Blog


Happy Heart Day!

Apparently my 4 year old has much higher expectations for Valentine’s Day. I have been asked numerous times this morning when we are going to decorate….I thought we already did! Violet had to give out about a dozen Valentine’s to her preschool friends this week. I prefer to find something that she can make all on her own. Last year we simply painted hearts on card stock and cut those out. This year I found this sweet little bookmark on Pinterest. I tried to find the original source, but it seems they have popped up everywhere so I am not sure who came up with the brilliant idea!

Very simple craft which is my requirement for Valentine’s…they are not mine to make! Violet loved using the hole punch and I helped with the ribbon at the top. She wrote her name on the back of each one and I helped add the ribbon. Skinnier ribbons would be much easier, but these are what I had in my ribbon box. Writing “Love Violet” on 14 bookmarks proved to be a bit much for one night, so there was a celebration when we reached the end. Happy Heart Day!

Heart Bookmarks

Heart Bookmarks

Spool Bed Rescue

Last spring my dear husband arrived at our house with a treasure. I had been looking at some very pricey spool beds online as well as eyeing up the one I had as a little girl that is still at my parents house.  I didn’t really want to pay oodles of dollars for a bed, and the one at my parents had been painstakingly stripped when I was little, so I wasn’t about to start painting it. Enter spring clean up garbage week! That wonderful week in the spring the usually strict garbage and recycling rules are relaxed and one can find the odd treasure! My husband arrived home for lunch, left to go back to work and showed up again 10 minutes later. He drove past this beauty on his way back to work and rescued it from an unfortunate end. This is what it looked like the day it was rescued….

Spool Bed ~ under the pine tree blog

Initially I attempted to repaint it on my own. Sadly I ran out of hours in the day and sunshine. Have I mentioned our sweet boy isn’t a sleeper?! I managed to get the first few coats on, then it was sent to our amazing local furniture refinisher for the final coat. The base boards wouldn’t work with the 3/4 size mattress we had and we were missing the springs so my husband built a flat base out of plywood and 2x4s. I meant to take a photo of that base, but didn’t think of it at the time. He basically made a frame out of 2x4s and topped it with plywood. He then added a piece to each end of the bed, enabling the mattress to sit lower than the original headboard/footboard allowed. The base was bolted to this new piece of the headboard and footboard. Side rails were stained white and added to each side. Making them a snug fit helped to add stability to the bed so it doesn’t wobble.

Spool Bed ~ under the pine tree blog

I love the finished product. It is comfy and cozy and perfect for Violet’s room. The white bed tones down the pink in her room (never choose paint colours while sleep deprived) and we just need to add art work and photos. We are pretty happy with our spring clean up day find!

Spool Bed ~ under the pine tree blog

 Spool Bed ~ under the pine tree blog

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New Year, Sort-of-new blog?

So once upon a time I started a blog. Way back when my darling husband and I moved from the East Coast to big ‘ol Ontario for work. I filled it with crazy stories, photos of what we are up to, stories of things our chocolate lab ate…anything and everything to keep folks at home up to date on our life in central Canada. We bought our first adorable in our imagination  house in Ottawa and spent a year gutting and renovating it to within an inch of its life. I came to love power tools, and have a special place in my heart for reciprocating saws.

Then our sweet Lady Violet came along and we swooned over her delicate little being, and the fact that she could sleep through the use of the power tools we so loved. My silly blog became filled with photos of Lady Violet, videos of her staring at me…and more stories of things Boomer the insane Chocolate Lab ate. Did you know you can indeed eat 27 chocolate cupcakes and a box of granola from costco and still live to tell the tale? We are waiting for the day when Boomer offers to pay his own vet bills.

After about 7 years of live in Ontario and too many drives and flights east to count,  we were blessed with the opportunity to move home. We still cannot believe we are here. We love it every day, but miss the big city and our Ontario friends dearly. Blogging took a bit of a hiatus. Why would my Mom want to see photos of sweet Violet when she could see her in real life!?! My Mama is also crazy, she still reads my blog. (Thanks Mom!)

During my blogging vacation hiatus, Flynn arrived, finally. We were thrilled to move from a family of 3 to 4 and loved watching Violet  educate her brother on how things are done in our family. Boomer continues to eat things. He ate my birthday cake 2 weeks ago. True story. Anyway….last spring I was feeling a bit “blah” and started to blog again about life with a baby, a 4 year old and the things I loved doing….crafty goodness, house stuff and a bit of everything. 

After a few months, I co-blogged with a dear friend and a new blog was born. While it was oodles of fun, I decided for a few reasons to step back from this new venture and return to my little ‘ol Under the Pine Tree. I love blogging. I love to create and make things cozy. If you stopped by my house I would most certainly give you a cup of tea and show you the latest reno we have underway….because we are crazy and have a baby that doesn’t sleep…why not start tearing out walls?!

Thanks for taking a moment of your time to check out my tiny blog. Hopefully you will find something different, sweet or somewhat entertaining!


A Christmas House Tour

In December my Mom hosted a Christmas House Tour as part of a fundraiser for her church. I was enlisted to help serve refreshments and show folks around. It is important to have someone to test the almond bark and ensure it is ok to serve! It was a rainy day, but still cozy inside and the perfect afternoon to visit with folks and show off my Mom’s house. Here are a few photos that I took throughout afternoon. Enjoy!

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Tucking the Trillium in for the winter

Each fall we drive our sweet little Trillium trailer over to where my husband’s family lives in PEI. We made this trip last weekend on the most beautiful fall Saturday.

Flynn charming unsuspecting travelers.

Arriving in Wood Islands.

Our family camping trip in the tiny Trillium was a bit of a disaster this summer. We did however enjoy a few delightful back yard camp outs and it was the perfect spot to play on rainy afternoons. It is a work in progress and someday we all might sleep in it, at the same time…someday.